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What is Nata de Coco (nanocellulose)



What are Coco Cubes?

Did you know that the Nata de coco Cubes in our drink are made from 100% Natural Bio-NanoCellulose?

They are a Bio-Ingredient derived from Coconut Water that are made through Bacterial fermentation with Prebiotics, which forms a Gel or Cellular Membrane with a high index of dietary fiber, very strong and resistant microscopic "NanoFibras".

They are suitable and with benefits for human consumption.

The molecules of the "Bio Cellulose" Nata de Coco Cubes cannot be digested by the body, which creates a positive effect for the digestive system and the intestinal flora, acting as sweeping and cleaning agents that contribute to better digestion.

This is why many people in the world and especially in Asia consume Nata de coco Cubes which they call "Nata de Coco" daily and enjoy a rich food, low in calories, zero fat and zero cholesterol.

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Nata de coco is commonly known as a translucent, gelatinous, chewable GEL.

It originates from the Philippines and has firmly become one of the favorite cooking and dessert ingredients in Asia and the modern world.

It is made by fermenting coconut water and other natural nutrients.

Nata de Coco is 100% natural.

Nata de Coco is low in calories, has no cholesterol or fat and is high in dietary fiber, which is very good for the digestive system and ideal for people who want to lose weight.

The Japanese are the largest consumer country for Nata de Coco, they have various innovative uses and food applications for the product, mixing it with fruits, jam, drinks, yogurt and other healthy foods.


· It can be consumed directly from its container.

· It is an ideal ingredient to mix with Salads, Fruits, Drinks, Dairy products, Cereals and

other healthy foods

No need to cook


· Regularly consuming Nata de coco is very good for our digestive system, especially for those who faced constipation problems.

· Many studies have shown that regular consumption of nata de coco CUBES helps protect against bowel cancer and has the potential to prevent atherosclerosis and coronary thrombosis.

· In several Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore, nata de coco has become an everyday after-meal dessert. It is recommended for older children, youth and adults.

Can be consumed directly from its container

· It is an ideal ingredient to mix with Salads, Fruits, Drinks, Yogurt, Cereals and other healthy foods

· Made with the selection of the freshest and most delicious Young Coconuts

· (0%) Zero Fat

· (0%) Zero Cholesterol

Low Calorie Food

· Made in Colombia

· Derived from milk and coconut water

· 100% Natural Food

BIO KOKO / TROPY COCO Nata de Coco It is available for the food industry in presentation as an ingredient and/or topping.

BIO KOKO / TROPY COCO Nata de Coco is the secret ingredient that will delight palates and differentiate it from its competition. Give a special touch of flavor and exclusivity to your current product line with:

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Testimonials from lucky people who have had the opportunity to discover the Nata de Coco

“I was shopping at the Wok Shop (Asian grocery store), I noticed a jar with transparent cubes inside, and with a marked label (nata de coco). Thinking it was coconut meat or something- I bought it. Turns out it wasn't! Haha! After trying it 3-4 buckets, I was hooked! This product is addictive... And then I started to think how good it would be to use it in a fruit salad and other meals!”

Nata de Coco en Colombia

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