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Biocellulose or Nano Cellulose masks

You may not be familiar with biocellulose, so we're going to tell you about the science and development behind it all, and what makes it the perfect face masks, made with biocellulose.


Biocellulose or Bacterial Nano Cellulose is a superfine natural fiber. It is grown in a laboratory where natural coconut extract is used, and it is converted into cellulose, which generates the absorbent fibers that adhere to each mask.

When we say that NanoCellulose masks fit like a second skin, what we mean is that NanoCellulose was originally developed for use on artificial skin. That means it's long-lasting and moisturizing, one of its medical uses being the treatment of severe burns.

Biocellulose has incredible cooling properties, tests have shown it reduces skin temperature by up to 5.1 degrees over the course of 30 minutes. This makes Bio Cellulose face masks an ideal after-sun treatment, or even a lovely treat for a hot day.

Perfect adjustment:

Unlike other masks, the biocellulose mask adheres well and stays in place whether you're lying down, relaxing, or answering a few emails. Also, it sits perfectly around the nose. You can remove it without tearing it and put it back on.

Locks in Moisture:

When applied, the biocellulose creates a breathable barrier that retains moisture and whey, how much moisture? The tiny fibers of biocellulose can hold up to 100 times its dry weight in liquid. You can even see the difference, after 15-20 minutes the mask becomes visibly thinner as the serum absorbs into the skin.

It has been proven that biocellulose masks contain three times more essence than other masks on the market. If that sounds good to you, we have even better news, that essence also contains hydrating power hyaluronic acid, which can hold up to a thousand times its weight in water.

Thanks to those tiny fibers that cling to every fold of the skin, it will also work faster. Other masks can take the equivalent of two hours of treatment at a spa.

Respect for the environment:

Worried about the environment? We also. While many paper, hydrogel, cotton, and jute masks claim to be biodegradable, they are often impregnated with chemicals that make them unsuitable for composting, so despite those lofty claims, they still end up in landfills.

Biocellulose is not only a natural substance made from organic materials, but it is also completely biodegradable and compostable, thanks to the natural and ecological ingredients we use. When you indulge in a biocellulose face mask, you can relax a little more knowing you're doing your bit for the planet and your skin.

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