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Bio Nano Cellulose in Medicine

It has been widely demonstrated that the role of bacterial Bio Nanocellulose membranes, as dressings, are ideal for treating wounds and burns. The Nanocellulose, biosynthetic, translucent and semi-transparent, which at the microscopic level closely resembles the body's own collagen and the tapes do not Woven from microbial Nanocellulose, they closely resemble the extracellular matrix of the body, producing a high vapor transfer rate while providing a normal matrix, covering the entire wound bed. The result is a balance of fluids and a mechanical cell matrix that unites the affected part, thus promoting the distribution and concentration of growth factors and nutrients necessary for healing, while protecting the wound from environmental contamination.

Bio NanoCellulose is used as a non-toxic biocompatible dressing, thus reducing the risk of nosocomial contamination. The Nanocellulose membrane is transparent, allowing easy examination of the wound. The Nanocellulose fabric adheres without the use of adhesives and forms a scab within a few days. Specialists report that it also progressively eliminates pain, in most wounds. When the wound heals, the scab falls off the surface of the skin on its own.

Secondary dressings are generally not recommended as they interfere with vapor transfer and fluid balance. The opposite happens with microbial Nanocellulose dressings, taking into account that the vapor transfer and fluid balance is much greater and more effective than secondary dressings.

If a wound is in an area of high friction, such as a joint, the edges can be secured with hypoallergenic, air-permeable tape.

The transparent nature of the Microbial Nanocellulose dressing allows visual observation without the need to change the dressing, while the cellular matrix maintains an environment that promotes granulation and skin re-epithelialization. The microbial Bio Nano Cellulose detaches spontaneously in a few days, and is released where the wound has healed.

Bio Nano Bacterial Cellulose Dressings can be used in:

· Skin ulcers due to decubitus and vascular

· Second degree burns

Skin graft sites

· Abrasions

· Lacerations

Wounds less than 0.5 cm deep

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