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The new most Exquisite Nata de Coco Flavors in Colombia

Welcome to a world full of tropical flavor.

If you like nata de coco, get ready for a unique culinary journey. Today, we present our Coconut Jellys with four exquisite flavors that will make your palate wake up with joy.

Read on to find out how you can easily get them in Colombia.

Empaques Nata de Coco
Sabores Nata de Coco

What is Nata de Coco Jellys?

Coconut Jellys or also called Nata de Coco are a modern and delicious take on the traditional nata de coco.

Made with natural, high-quality ingredients, these tropical desserts offer a smooth, creamy texture that melts in your mouth.

The best part is that they come in four exciting flavors that will transport you to sunny beaches and exotic fruits.

Nata de Coco
Nata de Coco

The 4 Unique Flavors of Nata de Coco

Natural Pacific Coconut

Our classic flavor takes you straight to the palm trees of the Pacific.

Enjoy the rich and authentic essence of coconut in every bite.

It is as if you are enjoying the fresh coconut under the shade of a palm tree.

Nata de Coco Coco Amazonico
Nata de Coco Coco Amazonico


If you are passionate about red fruits and berries, this flavor will win you over.

The fusion of coconut with strawberries, raspberries and blackberries will give you a unique and refreshing taste experience.

Nata de Coco Frutos Rojos
Nata de Coco Frutos Rojos

Amazon Acai

From the Amazon jungle comes the intensity of açai combined with the softness of coconut.

A perfect duo for lovers of bold flavors.

Nata de Coco Açai Amazonico
Nata de Coco Açai Amazonico

Tomy Mango

Immerse yourself in the flavors of the Caribbean region with our mango flavor.

The natural sweetness of mango meets coconut to create a heavenly combination.

Nata de Coco Mango Tomy
Nata de Coco Mango Tomy

How to Buy Coconut Jellys in Colombia

Option 1: Buy online from our website

Buying your favorite Coconut Jellys has never been so easy.

Visit our website, explore our products and choose your favorite flavors. Then, add the products to the cart and follow the instructions to complete your purchase safely and quickly. In a few days, they will be ready to delight you!

Option 2: Buy in nearby supermarkets

If you prefer a traditional shopping experience, you can also find our Coconut Jellys in nearby supermarkets. Look for the post section

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